What to Expect

What will happen at my evaluation?

Many people feel nervous about the idea of undergoing psychological testing because they don’t know what to expect. Most brain disorders don’t show up on scans such as MRI, CAT scans, et cetera. While these techniques are very useful in taking pictures of what the brain looks like, they are not as useful in showing how your individual brain is actually working for you – or not. Neuropsychological testing shows how information is getting into, processed by, and getting back out of the brain compared to other people of your age and background.

You won’t have to lay on a couch, be poked with needles, get hooked up to machines, or get “locked up.” Many people say that the testing process is much like playing games. You will be asked a lot of questions! You may be asked to remember lists of words, copy designs, write about what you see in a picture, draw something, solve a puzzle, or any of a number of other tasks. Some of these tasks may seem easy for you and others may seem hard for you. Just try your best on everything because the focus is more about what you can do, than what you can’t do.

What is Neuropsychology?
Neuropsychology is a specialty branch of psychology that studies how the brain impacts thinking and behavior. Neuropsychologists are psychologists who have extra training in brain functioning, brain anatomy and testing.

Why do I need to be tested?
If you or your physician have concerns about changes in your thinking abilities, behavior, or memory, you may benefit from testing. You may also want testing to determine where your thinking abilities are today so you have something to compare in the event of changes in the future.

What will the evaluation be like?
Many people say the evaluation is a lot like playing games. Depending on the referral question from your doctor, agency, or attorney, the evaluation may take only a couple of hours up to all day. You will know in advance about how long it will take so you can plan accordingly.

Will it hurt?

No, but you may get frustrated from some of the things you will be asked to do. No one does every task perfectly, so perfection isn’t expected. Just try your best on every one.

How long will it take to get my results?
Typically the report is sent within a few weeks, but rush service is available.

Will my insurance pay for it?
That depends on your insurance carrier. You are responsible for understanding your insurance coverage. Assess Texas is no longer participating in insurance panels, so payment is due at the time of service, but you will be provided a receipt to file with your insurance carrier for reimbursement. If your evaluation was ordered by a state agency such as TWC or DDS, that agency will pay for the evaluation.